10 Favorite Wedding Couple Photos of 2016

As we say goodbye to the year 2016, we round up our 10 favorite couple photos from our weddings this year. Although there are a lot of images from various parts of the wedding that I’m sure our clients value as much as it could be the walking down the aisle shots, their first kiss, etc.. which are photojournalistic images in nature. Those images are staples at every wedding and we can all agree that those photos are a given, must-haves to be provided at every wedding by any photographer. So to make our blog post be more focused on our style of work, we will be showing images that are unique in a sense of artistic preference.

As a creator, we personally have our own favorites from every wedding that let’s our creativity shine and fulfills us as artists. We keep honing our technical skills to be able to elevate our imagery, that we can produce for our clients these type of images as they trust our vision.

So for now, we shall focus on couple photos that lends towards our style of signature images, or our wow images so to speak. We will also say a bit about the images and some stories behind it, along with exif data for our technically versed readers.

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First up, who doesn’t love cotton candy clouds? This was actually shot at the venue’s parking lot. Yes, parking lot, cars were literally beside us when we took this photo. We just framed it in a way that the cars around us did not show and used off camera lighting to capture the clouds. Light was dissipating quickly that we only had about a minute or so to get this shot. It was captivating enough to be the opening image of their wedding art book.

1/125 F4 ISO 250

NJ wedding at Collingswood


This next one is from our wedding at the Merion in Cinnaminson, NJ. We did our portraits and bridal party images at Cooper River Park and took this shot as we were about to leave to head to the venue for the ceremony. Off camera lighting as also used on this one as we had a bright sun behind us, luckily it was around fall and the sun was not so harsh. We loved how the flag poles lined up which leads to our couple. Post production was intended to make this image cinematic in it’s mood.

1/500 F11 ISO 100

The Merion Cinnaminson NJ


Next up, this image was shot upon our arrival at the venue before their ceremony at the Brigalias in New Jersey. Had our couple relax for a few seconds inside this cool limousine that they had for their wedding. We just love all the mirrors inside the limo that curved across it’s ceiling. The colors inside the limo were very much the same colors they had for their wedding  theme, which the capture made it all the more fitting as a full double page image in their art book.

1/640 F3.2 ISO 800

Brigalias Sicklerville NJ


How could you not love an ivy wall when you see one? Princeton University had so many beautiful spots to offer and the grounds are just incredible. This was printed as a full double page on their wedding art book, making it an impact image. This was intentionally edited to be dramatic to get that certain appeal.

1/800  F2.8 ISO 125

New Jersey Royal Alberts Palace Wedding


This image is with our same couple, at a different section at Princeton University. Revealing the nice architecture within the campus while enjoying their fun wedding day. This might be a familiar image to you if you have visited our facebook fan page.

1/1600 F5 ISO 125

New Jersey Royal Alberts Palace Wedding


From the same wedding, this was back at their reception venue. This image resembled the end of the night. Their wedding venue, Royal Albert’s Palace, had a giant fountain outdoors that we took advantage of for some evening looks as our bride and groom had changed in to her second outfits.

1/125 F3.5 ISO 2500

New Jersey Royal Alberts Palace Wedding


And from another summer wedding, we had a few minutes with our bride and groom at the Collingswood Ballroom before their reception started. We love how this showcased the back of our bride’s Maggie Sottero wedding dress which was just outstanding. We also love the fact that this image is displayed at their home as an enlargement print. The greenery captured just brings this image to life, which was also a telltale sign of what time of the year it was.

1/125 F4 ISO 800

NJ wedding at Collingswood


This image carries a special meaning. It is because the exact spot where our couple is standing, is where the proposal actually happened! We really wanted to highlight the entire beauty of that spot and we were so glad being there at the right time of day, that the sun was at exact spot where we wanted it to be.

1/100 F11 ISO 400

Spring Mill Manor PA


We are really proud of this image and is probably one of my personal favorites from the year as it won us a Silver Award from WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International), the most prestigious image competition in the industry and globally. This competition is like no other, as this is where the world’s best of the best compete. This is like the Oscars of photography. So receiving a recognition from this competition is a huge honor. Which pushes us to our next goal, to bring home the gold! This styled image that we had envisioned relied on the combination of the background, lighting, positioning and the treatment in post production. Also, the European looking architecture matched our couples elegant poses.

1/60 F4 ISO 1250


Last but not the least, is this image that’s the largest art piece we have printed for clients to date! This castle looking building was in Princeton University Campus as well. We had the sun setting quickly from the other side which just shined through that tunnel that created the warm colors complementing the blue skies.

1/100 F8 ISO 400


There you have it, our 10 favorites wedding couple images of 2016. Congratulations to all of our couples that got married this year! Hope you enjoyed this post. Which one was your favorite? Leave us a comment below, let us know and feel free to share! Next up will be our favorite engagement session images of 2016!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cheers to a prosperous 2017! Marriage is awesome!

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