Christa and Ryan
  • Christa and Ryan

  • Wedding Photography Clients

“I met Ryan Eda almost 3 years ago at a bridal show and was instantly drawn to his unique and stunning style. From the moment we met with him, Ryan was devoted to our wedding day. He made the entire process effortless on our end. After seeing our engagement pictures, we knew to trust whatever he said! Ryan kept in contact with us every step of the way (during our long 2 year engagement). He was always organized, professional, and enthusiastic about capturing our wedding day. Ryan’s precision can be unmatched and is shown in his work. The “Day-of slideshow” was a hit at our wedding and something we’ll never forget! His photo reveals in his studio are an added plus and helped us relive our amazing day. We can’t thank Ryan enough for the time and love he put into capturing the beauty of our special day!”

Chrissy and Merk
  • Chrissy and Merk

  • Wedding Photography Clients

“Ryan was amazing!!! He is by far the best at his craft and his images and work showcase for themselves! My husband and I are overwhelmed by the quality of his work, and all the images he provided to us. I can look back at the pictures and feel like its my wedding day all over again! He was super engaging and a pleasure to work with. He was able to accommodate all our our requests while also giving us some great suggestions and ideas! I would recommend Ryan to any couple that is looking for someone professional, great quality, very personable and friendly to work with, and also very efficient and quick! He’s definitely the best, and we love him for capturing our special day so perfectly!!! Thanks Ryan! 🙂 -Chrissy & Merk”

Amy and Jimmy
  • Amy and Jimmy

  • Wedding Photography Clients

“Ryan Eda is one of the best in the business. Once we saw our friend’s engagement and wedding shots, we decided to book Ryan right away for our wedding. His creative mind is one of his greatest attributes. He made the whole process easy, natural, and fun! He has a true and unique talent for photography and was able to capture every moment that was dear to us. He is also very detail oriented and a great communicator. We could get in touch with him at any point and he was there to answer all our questions of how our wedding day shots would go. We also received a beautiful wedding art book that Ryan created for us. It is one of the most amazing albums we have ever seen! If you are looking for a photographer who is creative, fun, and easy to work with, Ryan Eda is the way to go!”

Valerie and Charles
  • Valerie and Charles

  • Wedding Photography Clients

“Ryan recently photographed my wedding. I saw his work at a bridal show and knew that he had a style that both myself and my now husband would like. We were engaged for about a year and a half and booked Ryan early on. He was very responsive to any questions that we had during the entire time. He also took our engagement pictures which really gave us time to get to know him and how he works. He even went above and beyond and helped us out when my husband needed a passport photo of an irregular size for our honeymoon that we couldn’t get elsewhere. He accommodated us by taking it at his studio on very short notice! He was really on top of everything and kept us on track with scheduling our photo sessions and setting up our wedding photo timeline, especially being the busy bride that I was-planning a wedding while working almost 60 hours a week-you need someone who has it together on their end. All of the images for our engagement shoot and wedding came out amazing. I love that I get to have such great images of my husband and I that really are works of art-some look like they came straight out of a magazine. He really has a good eye and is great at what he does!”

Zyreen and Sanford
  • Zyreen and Sanford

  • Wedding Photography Clients

Zyreen – “I definitely recommend Ryan! He’s really professional and we all love our Photos. Great Job Ryan 🙂 ”


Sanford – “Hiring Ryan Eda for your wedding is highly recommended. He’s a very talented photographer and designer. He works with you in planning the timeline details of the big day and is very accessible via email or phone. Not to mention he gives wonderful wardrobe suggestions for the engagement shots.”

Stephanie and Jason
  • Stephanie and Jason

  • Wedding Cinematography Clients

“I met Ryan at a bridal show and was super impressed the minute I saw his photos. He is such a sweet, genuine person. I went home and told my fiancé that we need to check him out. We then went onto his website and were amazed. His photos are stunning but then we stumbled upon his cinematography- omg. STUNNING! I cried and my husband was teary eyed over OTHER PEOPLES video clips. We later met with him and had to choose between photography and cinematography because Ryan simply cannot be in two places at once. We went with video. Wedding cinematography is the new thing- if your tired of the dull hours long video then this is definitely for you. Ryan captures every important moment and puts your day into a mini movie as romantic as the notebook. He is so easy to work with, so sweet, always there for you the whole way, and doesn’t add any stress to your day as some vendors do- If anything he made things more of a breeze, oh and did I mention he does drone footage? If anything check him out, trust me you will be glad you did! We loved everything and highly recommend him.”

Melodie and Jean
  • Melodie and Jean

  • Wedding Photography Clients

“Since the day we met, he was amazing. He is really passionate about what he does. He is very professional. He is willing to work with you. His presentation when he delivers the pictures are nothing short of amazing. He is very responsive to any questions you might have. We booked him for our wedding and he included free engagement pictures on our package. He didn’t take any extra time to deliver our pictures. He works really quick and he makes you feel welcome. His work speaks for itself. He surprised us at the reception by making a slideshow of the day. He is the best and if you book him, you won’t be disappointed. We can’t wait to work with him again.”

Susan and Jason
  • Susan and Jason

  • Wedding Photography Clients

“Ryan did an absolutely amazing job! I first saw his work during my husbands proposal and we loved his work so much that we asked him to photograph our engagement ceremony, wedding, and even family portraits with our son. He has a vision that is truly unique. It was such a pleasure working with him! He was very patient with us and especially with our newborn. We had such a fun time with all of the occasions and we are so happy that Ryan was able to capture the beautiful moments!”

Dionne and Maurice
  • Dionne and Maurice

  • Wedding and Engagement Photography Clients

“Ryan was an absolute joy to work with! His professionalism and expertise were top notch! His attention to detail is incredible. Ryan, you are truly gifted! Your passion for the art of photography is admirable. Thank you for capturing the best day of our life!”

Abigail and Wayne
  • Abigail and Wayne

  • Wedding Cinema Clients

Wayne – “Our video came out better than we hoped. Ryan captured the whole day and didn’t miss a thing. Every time we watch the video, we are brought back to our wedding day. Ryan is very professional and his whole team was great. He and the team were flexible, friendly to all guests, and not intrusive. Everyone who has seen our video love it as much as we do. Thanks to Ryan Eda for a job well done!”


Abigail – “When we asked Ryan to do our video for us, we already knew he would do a good job. When we saw our wedding video, it was beyond our expectations. He captured every moment, every expressions of our guests. It takes you back to the wedding day itself. Ryan is also very professional and pleasant to deal with. Highly recommended for couples who want their video to be an unforgettable one.”

Dorothy and Wendell
  • Dorothy & Wendell

  • Engagement & Wedding Cinematography Clients

“He did an AMAZING job with capturing moments from our special day. LOVE his work! He was professional and organized, and made sure he asked what we like to see or what we expect from him. He went above and beyond actually. Definitely worth it!”

Kim and Frank
  • Kim and Frank

  • Wedding Photography Clients

“My wife and I chose Ryan Eda photography because we thought his photos and approach to wedding photography would be a great match. Ryan arrived early and was very enthusiastic about being a part of our wedding day. We met with Ryan weeks in advance and expressed what was most important to us as the bride and groom. The end result were awesome. Additionally, Ryan created a image of us holding hands with a giant fire work explosion in the background. People love that photo.

Ryan did a wonderful job and we can’t thank him enough for his images and creative spirit that he brought to our wedding day.

Also, the video Ryan put together for us is priceless. Since we can’t rewind time, or relive those moments, having the video of our vows recorded was well worth it.”

Naida and Josh
  • Naida and Josh

  • Wedding and Engagement Photography Clients

“My wife and I couldn’t have picked a better person to be a part of our wedding day. Ryan served as a great resource to us; he photographed our engagement and wedding. His work not only speaks highly of him as a person, but also his love for photography; every photo he took had a purpose.”

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